Function Introduction

An all-in-one multimedia site combining the functions of a traditional TV, a mobile app and a social platform. It brings to the audience an all-new experience through live streaming and video recording by TVB artists and online celebrities from China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. By simply registering as a member, you can watch videos free-of-charge. During a live stream, you can leave comments to interact with the artist or KOL – you’ll never have felt so close to a star in your life! You can even send emojis and paid gifts as a token of support for the celebrity, as long as your heart desires.


Daisy Dai
Hugo Wong
Jarryd TAM
Lucy Li
Bobo Yeung
Jaslena Cho
Miu Ka Hing
Stanley Cheung
Regen Cheung
Zha Jun Yan
Fanny Lee
Yao Bin
Joyce Ngai
Oscar Li
Wu Fei
Crystal Fung


Mobilizing the entire crew of TVB artists to participate, we broadcast videos recorded by them 24/7. Through live streaming, we allow you to have glimpse at the artist’s world behind the scenes and interact with him/her online, bringing you and the artist closer to each other

(繁) Po
Jacky Chung
test 06
Oreo Charm
Rachel Yau
test 08
Kit Mak
(繁) 肥仔(馮嘉橋)
test 11
Teresa Chiu
(繁) 波波
Jeffery Koo
Sandy To
Zoe Tsang
test 03
test 09
Jacky Yu
test 04
test 05
(繁) 琦師傅(伍嘉琦)
Billy Yeung
Bonnie So
test 02
(繁) 黃亞保(保哥)
Jackie Law


By inviting online celebrities from China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan to record videos and go live, we present you with a wide variety of hot topics from all parts of the world, so that you can keep yourself updated just in one go!

  • Cook
  • Beauty
  • Kids
  • Dine
  • Music
  • big big college



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