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General Service Questions
  • Q1. What is big big channel?

    big big channel is an all-in-one multimedia site combining the functions of a traditional TV, a mobile app and a social platform. It brings to the audience an all-new experience through live streaming and video recording by TVB artists and online celebrities from China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. By simply registering as a member, you can watch videos free-of-charge. During a live stream, you can leave comments to interact with the artist or KOL – you’ll never have felt so close to a star in your life! You can even send emojis and paid gifts as a token of support for the celebrity, as long as your heart desires.

  • Q2. How to use big big channel service?

    Visit big big channel website, or download big big channel App by mobile device.

  • Q3. How to download big big channel App?

    Android and iOS users can download the App from Google Play Store and App Store respectively.

  • Q4. Any difference in feature between big big channel website and App?

    big big channel website not yet has all features of the App, but we are conducting further development on it.

  • Q5. What is TVB member ID?

    TVB member ID is a unique identity for our users to enjoy the TVB online services, allowing us to enjoy the services in a simpler and quicker way. By registering a TVB member ID, the account will become your unique credential to login TVB online services. Therefore, you’re no longer required to register again on other services. Moreover, as more online services are adapting the TVB member ID system, to use different services at the same time, you can just only login one time on any supported service, instead of doing one by one on different Apps.

  • Q6. What is the system requirement of big big channel?

    Browser: Google Chrome 63.0 or later / Safari 11 or later
    Operation System: Windows 7 or later / Mac OS X 10 or later

    Mobile Device:
    Android: 5.0 or later
    iOS: 8.0 or later

    If your system requirement fulfill the requirement above but cannot use big big channel service properly, please email to enquiry@bigbigchannel.com.hk with your account and system details.

  • Q7. How to register big big channel service?

    You can register the service on big big channel website or App.

  • Q8. How to be a KOL?

    You can submit the KOLs application form. Please click “About Us” on big big channel website footer, then choose “To be KOLs” and fill in the form. Invitation notice will be sent to appropriate applicant after reviewing.

  • Q9. Does big big channel have any restriction on service area?

    No such limit.

  • Q10. Can I register big big channel service if I do not have an email address?

    We send confirmation email to users in registration and all users have to login the service with email address. So, you must provide a valid email address in registration.

  • Q11. Can I register the service again with the same email address?

    No. Each email address can only be registered one account.

  • Q12. I have registered the service but I haven't received confirmation email. What can I do?

    First, you can check whether you’ve entered a correct email address. Second, go to your mail box, check all mail folders including junk mail box. If you still cannot find it, visit the service login page and try to login, then choose the “Resend e-mail” option.

  • Q13. Forgot big big channel account password, what can I do?

    You can choose “Forgot Password” on login page and then reset the password.

  • Q14. How to change the nickname?

    Login big big channel App, choose “Member Zone” on bottom right corner, then you can change your nickname by pressing your image icon.

  • Q15. How to change the account password?

    Login big big channel App, choose “Member Zone” on bottom right corner, then you can change your account password on “My Account” page. Also, you may use “Forgot Password” function on login page of both the App and the website to change the password.

  • Q16. How to change the mobile number and email address?

    Login big big channel App, choose “Member Zone” on bottom right corner, then you can change your mobile number on “My Account” page. However, email address cannot be changed.

  • Q17. My account is being used by other people. What can I do?

    Please change the account password as soon as possible.

  • Q18. Can I terminate my big big channel account?

    Yes. Please contact Customer Service Officer.

  • Q19. Can I login the service on different devices simultaneously with same account?

    Yes, you can login on different devices with same account simultaneously.

  • Q20. How to stop receiving promotional materials from big big channel?

    Please contact Customer Service Officer.

  • Q21. Why do users in EU region have to agree the terms of "Privacy Notice (EU)"?

    Users in EU region have to agree the terms to fulfill the EU regulation on privacy and data protection.

  • Q22. Why can't I upload video or broadcast live video after registration?

    Only Artist and KOL account can upload video or broadcast live video.

  • Q23. How can I change video quality?

    Video quality cannot be changed.

  • Q24. Can I download a video to my mobile device or PC?


  • Q25. Do uploaded videos have expiry date?

    No expiry date is set on uploaded videos.

  • Q26. Why can't I play video?

    You can check if your device fulfills the basic requirement of big big channel service, as well as the network condition. If your device fulfill the requirement but still cannot use the service, please email to enquiry@bigbigchannel.com.hk with your system details, error code and your email address account.

  • Q27. When I try to play video on website, the player displays “Please turn off Ads Block plugin” message. Why?

    The player of web version isn’t compatible with “Ads Block” extension. If your browser has installed this kind of function, you may stop using this to watch big big channel videos.

  • Q28. Any format requirement on uploading video?

    Video quality cannot be higher than 720p.

  • Q29. Any quantity limit set on Bookmark?

    No such limit.

  • Q30. The video download speed is slow and frequent rebuffering, why?

    The download speed and smoothness of video depend on your network or WIFI condition. Please check it first to ensure you have good network connectivity and enough brandwidth for video steaming.

  • Q31. What is the meaning of the number at top left corner on video thumbnail?

    It represents the view count of video. If the number is in white colour, only the viewing on big big channel service has been counted; if the number is in orange colour, it also includes the view count from other social media platforms.

  • Q32. Can I edit the message left on live video?


  • Q33. What are E-coins?

    E-Coins are a virtual currency used in mobile applications to purchase virtual gifts or services. big big channel’s virtual currency allows you to buy virtual gifts for artists/KOLs when watching their live streams, or buy songs for a duet with them in the “Karaoke” section.

  • Q34. What are Diamonds?

    Diamonds are intended for artists/KOLs to redeem for cash. Virtual gifts received by an artist/KOL can be converted into diamonds, which can then be exchanged for cash depending on the number of diamonds held.

  • Q35. How can I get E-coins?

    You can go to “Profile” page, then buy E-coins via Apple In-Apps Purchase or Google Play.

  • Q36. How many vitual gifts can I buy at most?

    No such limit.

  • Q37. I have finished the purchase process of E-coins but I haven't received them. What can I do?

    You can email to enquiry@bigbigchannel.com.hk with the confirmation email sent by store service provider (e.g. Apple and Google) and your account details.

  • Q38. Can I buy E-coins from banks?

    No. You can only buy E-coins via Apple In-Apps Purchase or Google Play on big big channel App.

  • Q39. How can I check my E-coins transaction?

    Click your profile image on the top right corner on the website to go member zone, then click the “E-coins” button to check your E-coins transaction .

  • Q40. How can I complain video content or other members' behavior?

    You can use the “Report” function on the service, or email to enquiry@bigbigchannel.com.hk.

  • Q41. I have enquiries about the service. What can I do?

    You can send email to enquiry@bigbigchannel.com.hk, or use “Live Chat” function on the website to make conversation with Customer Service Officer.

big big shop Questions
  • Q1. How to purchase products?

    When you watch big big channel video, click the product photo under video screen to view product detail page and purchase products. Also, you can click any artistes or programmes' image, then choose "e-shop" icon on the profile page to view the product detail page and make purchase order.

  • Q2. How to check order status?

    Please prepare your invoice number and call Big Big Shop customer service hotline, 5700-0808, during office hour (from 9 am to 12 midnight), or email to shopcs@bigbigchannel.com.hk for enquiry.

  • Q3. How to check invoice number?

    big big shop will send you an order invoice when you finish the payment. The invoice number is near the top of your invoice. If you're big big channel member, you can also check your transaction record and invoice number on "My Account".

  • Q4. Can I purchase products on big big shop if I'm not big big channel member?

    You can also purchase products on big big shop even you are not big big channel member.

  • Q5. What kind of payment method does big big shop support? Online payment? Cash on delivery?

    We now only accept online payment by Visa, Master & UnionPay credit card. Not support "cash on delivery".

  • Q6. Any related message will display for both situations of payment success and failure?

    If you pay successfully, "Transaction Finish" message & the invoice number will display; If you pay unsuccessfully, "Transaction Not Finish" message and "Failure Code" will display.

  • Q7. Can I cancel the order before paying?

    You can click "Cancel" on transaction page, then "Order is Cancelled" message will display. Also, if you haven't finished the payment within 15 minutes after proceeding your order, the product will be released and "Order is Cancelled" message will display.

  • Q8. Do big big shop products support return, replacement, or refund?

    It depends on each supplier. The "Term of Service" under "Product Detail" would mention whether those chosen products are supported return, replacement, refund or not. Please note that if there is any within days of delivery for return an replacement, and any package requirement for replacement.

  • Q9. How many working days for delivery after finishing the payment? Any delivery fee will be charged?

    It depends on each supplier. Delivery and payment details are mentioned on "Delivery" section under product detail page.

  • Q10. Does big big shop support delivery outside Hong Kong? Any extra fee will be charged?

    It depends on each supplier. Delivery and payment details are mentioned on "Delivery" section under product detail page.

  • Q11. Can big big shop delivery products on the same order to different addresses?

    Only one delivery address is available for each order. You must have a separate order for different delivery address.

  • Q12. How to make delivery appointment?

    It depends on each supplier. Delivery and payment details are mentioned on "Delivery" section under product detail page.

  • Q13. How to add delivery address and edit current delivery address?

    (For big big channel member only) You can add delivery address and edit current delivery address on "My Delivery Address" under "My Account".

  • Q14. Any quantity purchase limit on products?

    Differnet products have different quantity in store, depending on their suppliers. Some products may have limited supply in promotion period. When the quantity of product ordering is more than the quantity in store, "Out of Stock" message will display, and you'll be re-directed back to shopping cart page. Then you can choose the quantity again.

  • Q15. How to delete credit card record on transaction information?

    (For big big channel member only) You can delete your saved payment information on "My Payment Method" under "My Account".

  • Q16. How to add "Favourite Product"?

    (For big big channel member only) You can click the "Heart Icon" to add on "Favourite Product" list. Then you can check the list under "My Account".

  • Q17. Have I been charged if the transaction does not finish, showing "Transaction Not Finished" message?

    If the transaction does not finish, it means the related payment has not been charged. For further enquiry, please call big big shop customer service hotline 5700-0808, or contact the bank your credit card issued.

  • Q18. Any extra fee if the application of return/refund is approved?

    If the application of refund is approved, no extra fee for refund. It may take 4-8 weeks for your refund to display on your payment card statement.


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